About Kodular Creator

No Coding!

Thanks to Kodular Creator, you can create any app without writing a single line of code. Just drag n' drop a few components, join some blocks and voila! You have just created your awesome app.

Cloud Based

Kodular Creator is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. This means that your projects are safely stored on the servers, so you won't have to worry about downloading them and making backups.

Material Design

Our Creator has integrated official Material Design, providing a clean, user-friendly and intuitive U.I.

Watch our 2 minute "Quick Start" tutorial

Not good enough?

100% of Uptime

We have a powerful server infrastructure which provides you a seamless 24/7 service, with an uptime of 100%.

Live Testing

Use our Companion to see changes in real-time directly on your device.

Material Design

All apps made in Kodular will have Material Design, providing a fancy intefrace for users.

Fully compatible

We support all Android phones and tablets ranging from Android 4.4 KitKat! There are no restrictions.

Incredibly Simple

Use our Block based code system to "program" your app. Just join blocks and your app will be ready!

175+ Components

We have more than 185 unique components which will add different features to your app.

Monetization Options

We have several components which will allow you to benefit from your apps, such as Ads or In-App Purchases.

Much more

We are open to any suggestions. Just post it on our community and we'll let you know if it's possible ;)

...and even more

Multiple Language

We support a total of 18 languages in our Builder. You can translate more at our Translation Center

Push Notifications

We also provide a Push Notification component powered by OneSignal

In-App Purchases

We've integrated the native In-App Purchases from Google Play Store as a component, allowing you to sell products in your app.

Ad Components

Several types of Ad components are available for you to monetize your apps! AdMob, Amazon, Facebook, ...; and more coming!

Share Projects & Screens

You can download and import any app project or screen using the .aia and .ais file formats.

Several Login Options

If Google is blocked in your country, don't worry! Kodular provides other social logins and an email/password system.

Frequent Updates

We release updates very often with bug fixes, or sometimes we make sneakpeeks for big updates with upcoming features.

FREE. Forever

We decided that Kodular was going to be FREE forever, without any premium plan or compulsory fees for usage.

How has the Creator been made?