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We provide several "modules" (services) to create Android apps without coding, just scroll down a little bit to check them!

Our Modules

Kodular Creator

With Kodular Creator, you can start creating incredible apps without any coding knowledge!
Just drag some components and join blocks

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Extensions IDE

If you are an advanced user, why not code in Java and create amazing Extensions for the Creator?
Try it if you want something like Android Studio

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Kodular Store

Share your apps, projects, extensions and screens in this free Store developed by Kodular Team!

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My Kodular

Manage all Kodular Modules from this Control Panel. You will also need only one account to login in Kodular
You can see and control the data we have about you there

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If you are unable to use Kodular, you can check if there's any problem with our servers.

Why is it so great?

Active Community

Why not take a look at our amazing community?
Our users are just amazing, and thanks to them our community is a really nice place to share your doubts, projects or suggestions releated with Kodular.

Our Team

Our Team is very enthusiastic and loves helping people. They will really like to help you on the road to create an app.
We are devotees of the IT!

Maximum Stability

Kodular Infrastructure is powered by our partner ArubaCloud, which guarantees a really good uptime and performance.

Other Services!

We provide more than just an App Creator. We also have a self-developed App Store, an online Extensions IDE and an Account Control Panel
Let's expand Kodular!

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Read what our users say about Kodular.

Abdul Maajith

I have always been crazy on technology and making mobile apps. Kodular helps me to make the most professional apps.

Peter Mathijssen

I am really impressed by the way Kodular evolves into the most professional of all the available App Inventor clones around.

Kanishka Chakraborty

Kodular is hands down the fastest way to make an app, and lets me make production-ready apps directly on my Android tablet.

Domi Rami

With Kodular it's easier to make my apps for the number of options offered to the development, all very intuitive and you get help from the community.

Maicol Battistini

Kodular, a free platform to let your ideas become Android apps. Simple, beautiful and powerful.

Rémi Chartier

Kodular is the best way to make apps with a simple interface and simple code! There are so many components and options, and it has a beautiful Material Design.

Shreyash Saitwal

What I love the most about Kodular is its stunning and fabulous user interface. It also provides a number of components with block based programming which makes app building as easy as applying butter on the bread!

Walya Express

Kodular provides a simple interface with lots of components. Thanks to this, you can create the best apps for anyone. So, start where you are, use Kodular and make everything you want!

Kleyber Derick

I am greatly surprised to see the level where Kodular has reached and I'm sure this is only the beginning of a GREAT tool.

Jose Luis Núñez

Easy, powerful and highly customizable. Kodular takes your Android apps to the next level! Their developers are really active on the community, listening to users and implementing ideas

Daniel Vanko

When users start creating such useful and well-designed apps like Koders do, you really should think that you have done something good.

Franck G

Kodular is by far the easiest way to create simple or complex applications of all kinds, while offering many design possibilities.

Yusuf Cihan

Whoever you are, a beginner, or a master… Kodular allows anyone to make perfect Android apps easily without writing any line of code.


Kodular allows you to focus on the ideas, and not the code. Everyone is a creator, and Kodular lets that happen.

David Ningthoujam

I always wanted to be a app developer but I don’t have any knowledge of Java, so it was hard for me to make apps. Then, I found Kodular, now I can make professional apps without writing a single line of code and it is always free.


Kodular is living proof that anyone is capable of creating applications, from a simple "Hello World" to the next viral app.